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Facets of Blood--the memories
25 January 2008 @ 07:50 pm
Edward kisses the lead singer of Concrete Blonde, Dawn catches his eye, and virginity is a memory for them both. (NC-17)

Carr phones home.
Edward traumatizes the shit out of Bella.

Alice returns to Sunnydale to kick her brother in the jaw. On her way, she forgets to wear her seatbelt and flies into Chris. Whoops.

Lindsey and Phaedra test the post-apocalyptic canoodling waters.

For once, Tara's the one acting normal. Bad Willow. Bad Buffy.

Spike gets over his fear of reciting poetry in public, and with Bella's help, realizes he's acting waaaaaaaaaay funny.

Chris meets a cute lil' hunter... that could kill him in under five seconds. Provided there's a shotgun somewhere around here.

Xander says no more mister nice zeppo and makes Anya angry. Rawr.

Pryce. Wesley Wyndham Pryce. O_o

Eric has gotten ...cute? Oh, God, help... Kate's taking advantage.

Dietre and Marius meet and talk about David.

Faith Lehane. Feinting. I never thought I'd see the day. Dean has no idea what's going on.
Facets of Blood--the memories
It was more than a little disconcerting that while in Bella's company Edward's eyes had bled back to onyx. If he didn't work on his self-control, and fast, Sunnydale and the Cullen family were going to be at serious odds.

He'd excused himself from Tunes, hopped into the Volvo, and driven out of town, the opposite direction from what was now home. There was a smattering of forest--small, here, Alice was right as usual and anything worth hunting would be a longer drive-- and he'd found a few deer. One was all he really needed, though.

Like shooting fish.

Eyes back to topaz, or at least much closer to it than they had been when he'd left the music shop, Edward drove back. He smiled to himself-- he hadn't even told Bella most of the idea he had. Only the part where he got out of there for an hour and let her not get fired. Only the part where he bailed himself out of what could amount to serious trouble.

How was it possible, he wondered, for two people in the same town to have their minds closed off to him? He understood about Dawn's blood; it was different, and that was why he was drawn to it. That and the raw hunger he'd felt. But Bella...

... Bella could make him fall off the wagon. Over and over. And get crushed by the wheels as the wagon ran him over.

He pulled into the same parking space he'd been in before, noting with amusement that night was falling. It would be dark, very soon.

Edward opened the door to the shop, listened to the bell ring, and smiled at Bella, who stood behind the counter. Immediately, he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, and his smile widened, no teeth showing.

"Time's up," he said.
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Facets of Blood--the memories
07 January 2008 @ 05:52 pm
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Facets of Blood--the memories
06 January 2008 @ 07:21 pm
...what the cast does in its down time...


Lives: in a crypt.
Drinks: blood with a straw
Enjoys: looking at Eleni's clevage; kitten poker; flowering onions; watching Passions with Joyce and/or Giles; dry wall.

Lives: in his old mansion.
Drinks: while listening to Manilow
Enjoys: being queen; removing his nose.

Lives: in a hotel room. Wink wink, nudge nudge.
Drinks: diet coke from cans, hoping they're laced with Jack Daniels. Or sprite, which gets spat out when she laughs at Queen Puppet.
Enjoys: being ironical; throwing bananna trees; sexin'.

Lives: ...somewhere.
Drinks: on occasion.
Enjoys: being bathed in the sink.

Lives: in a hush house on the island Lestat gave him.
Drinks: tea.
Enjoys: singing 'i'm a little teapot;' tweed, candy.

Lives: for rum.
Drinks: rum.
Enjoys: swimming in rum.

Lives: For being amazing and adored, mmmmkay?
Drinks: Jesus. Beat that.
Enjoys: Standing in the middle of Wal-Mart; preening in front of the mirror; listening to his greatest hits on CD; meandering around New Orleans and scaring tourists.

Lives: In her head.
Drinks: Nah. You really think she needs to?? C'mon.
Enjoys: Her dollies; flogging; stars; and daisies.

Lives: For crazy. Breaks for it, too.
Drinks: He can't drink. Rub it in, fucker.
Enjoys: Having hands; the violin; Aerosmith; sitting on a stool in the corner; skipping merrily.

Lives: yes! He does! Take that, Phaedra!
Drinks: at every available opportunity.
Enjoys: making the 'how you doin' face; women;, cigarettes; women; drinking; women; sinning; women...sometimes burping the alphabet; making eyes at the Conduit.

Lives: Somewhere. Shhh, he's hiding, remember?
Drinks: Not nearly enough. Drunken Lindsey=hillarity, I'm thinking. Plus now, he can drink blood.
Enjoys: Drawling at people; Angry sex; Mailing himself to outer Mongolia.

Lives: For accidental bleeding
Drinks: On the job.
Enjoys: Layin' on ur tablez.

Lives: With a lot of adopted siblings that aren't really adopted, and are all so pretty it's kind of disgusting.
Drinks: Mountain lion and grizzly, preferably. Or, y'know, Summerses....why do they taste metallic? NOM NOM NOM.
Enjoys: Giving himself monster guilt trips, dazzling people, being shiny



Lives: in an odd orgy of man-flesh with Richard and Jean-Claude. There's biting.
Drinks: I'm not going there.
Enjoys: Collecting stuffed penguins and deleting this unflattering picture.

Lives: in a house with no windows...there were windows once. Then this game started. Now, not so much with the windows. They keep breaking.
Drinks: Beer. Or with Spike.
Enjoys: Quality time with Mr. Gordo; ice capades without the irony; kick-the-Spike.

Lives:in the basement
Drinks: while listening to country music, the music of pain.
Enjoys: thinking about Willow and Tara...eating sammiches.

Lives: for the learnin'.
Drinks: no coffee. She is forbidden.
Enjoys: watching MacGyver; fighting static cling.

Lives: for hitting things.
Drinks: and eats off of Saerian's plate.
Enjoys: Freeloading. Smacking people. Deflowering Xander.

Lives: with her big sis.
Drinks: coke. But not too much, or else she's cookoo for cocoa puffs.
Enjoys: squeeing; flaunting her girly parts; groping rabbis; GLEEE.

Lives: For stealing Spike's Sex Pistol's albums.
Drinks: Waaaay more than she's telling us. Seriously. Lookit her outfit.
Enjoys: Cultivating a nicotine addiction.

Lives: For Jenga, ancient artifacts, and dead languages.
Drinks: Until he curses and calls Illyria a smurf.
Enjoys: Being Head Boy; laughing at Angel wearing his pink motorcycle helmet; pie.

Lives: For evil plots.
Drinks: Often. If you worked at Wolfram & Hart, you would, too. Whole place is an AA meeting waiting to happen.
Enjoys: Sparkly things. Pouting.

Lives: in her own world with pretty flowers and many rainbows, and probably a nude Willow.
Drinks: herbal tea - it's Earthy.
Enjoys: Willow, magic, and Willow and Magic. Oh, and a nice warm bath.... with Willow and magic.

Lives: With a big dog named Sancho. Waaaait for it....
Drinks: With a big dog named Sancho.
Enjoys: Hitching Sancho to a sled, which lasts for all of five minutes before the dog runs away, because he is afflicted with ADD.

Lives: For watching "Alias."
Drinks: Like a champ.
Enjoys: Sarcasm and guns.

Lives: With Xander, and yay for sex!
Drinks: Despite the fact that she's over 1,000 years old and still gets carded.
Enjoys: Exchanging money for goods and/or services; making money; comparing people to money; money.

Lives: Very well. You can't afford her.
Drinks: Despite the heavy risk of electrocution.
Enjoys: Frying eggs using only her hands; jump starting cars; making people nervous.

Lives: In an alley like a hobo, or on Eric's couch.
Drinks: In the corner at social gatherings. Usually something ends up broken. Usually someone's face.
Enjoys: Angsting in all its forms. Playing piano. And Obsessing. So much obsessing.

Lives: In LA, with a phantom roomie. No, seriously.
Drinks: More often since starting work with Capt. Broodypants.
Enjoys: Passing judgement on fashion victims; long stretches of time without visions; gossip; clothes.

Lives: With Police Chief Swan.
Drinks: Nah. I not think so.
Enjoys: Pouting; eternal damnation; seriously testing Edward's patience; extreme sports; being part Albino.

Lives: In the Metallicar.
Drinks: Like a champ.
Enjoys: Being objectified; chasing after his baby brother; vibrating hotel beds.

Lives: Here and there and everywhere.
Drinks: She works in a bar. What do you think?
Enjoys: Hitting boys with shotguns; shooting evil things in the butt with salt; getting tied to things by possessed Winchesters.

Lives: That is classified information.
Drinks: When the work drives him to it.
Enjoys: Putting chips in vampires; tiny blondes with attitude problems; flamethrowers.

Weres and Shape-shifters

Lives: AT the bar.
Drinks: see above.
Enjoys: Looking like he's done something very wrong; being a wookie.

Lives: in a van down by the river. Wait...
Drinks: until Doyle calls him 'My Little Bam-Bam.'
Enjoys: mimicking Kenny from Southpark. Animal crackers and hummus, but not together.

Lives: At the Circus of the Damned, functioning as an appetizer for Jean-Claude.
Drinks: Wait... is he even legal?
Enjoys: Taking off his clothes; flirting; taking off more clothes...



Lives: Wherever she wants. You gonna tell her no?
Drinks: To wash down the petrie dishes.
Enjoys: Smurfing things. Hitting Spike. Dying everything in sight blue.

Lives: Somewhere. He's in stealth mode.
Drinks: Beer, apparently. When he's in the mood for foreplay.
Enjoys: Faith's ass; snarky comments; driving buses; being amorphous.

Ben Glory
Lives: Shoved in a meatsack, thanks very much.
Drinks: People's brains. Bwa hahah!
Enjoys: bubble baths; minions; mimosas; slinky outfits; hating herself himself...

Furry Friends... okay, okay. Furry Friends that are not were-animals

Miss Kitty Fantastico
Lives: With Willow and Tara, her two mommies.
Drinks: Never, EVER, anything that Spike puts in her bowl. She learned that the hard way.
Enjoys: Snuggles with her two favorite witches. Yarn. Hiding under the bed. Avoiding being mailed to Abu Dabi.

Lives: With Eric, and for recon.
Drinks: Whenever he can. Water. What were YOU thinking, huh?! Sancho never knows when Eric will take him somewhere where there is no water, or Milkbones, so he loads up when he can.
Enjoys: Snaussages; growling at small animals (but not chasing them because Eric told him to stay); 'people food'(but Sancho doesn't really know he's a dog... so...); food...ooh, look, a kitty!
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